One-by-one, building a global movement 


For African Americans, Africa isn’t our home. But it is our homeland. Africa holds a unique place in our minds and hearts. And the only way for people of African descent to thrive into the 21st century is through shared strength and unity.

Help us become 100,000 strong in support of advocacy and activism for Pan African peace, power and prosperity.

Sign our solidarity statement in support of African Americans for Africa as we build a 21st century movement connecting all people of African descent.


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Pan African Solidarity Statement

I support the mission of African Americans for Africa:

  • Self-determined and mutually empowered cultural and social exchange among people of African descent
  • Affirming the value of unifying Black people globally to create innovative solutions that eradicate poverty in Africa and throughout the diaspora
  • Advocating the US government to maintain key investments in both Africa’s fight against HIV/AIDS and developing its infrastructure 

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